3D printing

In the fall of 2020, Nolop is closed to everyone beyond the 14 staff members who work there. If you need something 3D printed, here is how you go about it:

  1. Be someone with a Tufts ID.
  2. Create an .STL file that models the part you want printed.
  3. Connect your computer to the Medford/Somerville campus network either via Tufts_Wireless, Tufts_Secure, or a VPN from home.
  4. Go to the #3dp channel at https://nolop.slack.com. (You will be asked to create an account if you don’t have one, and if you use your Tufts email, you will be auto-approved.)
  5. Post something like, “Hi, I have a model to print.”
  6. Someone on duty at Nolop will post something like, “Sure, P1 is open. I just removed the last print from it.” Working hours for our staff are posted here: http://nolop.org/hours/
  7. Go to https://p1.nolop.org and upload your print (or P2, or P3, or whatever, depending on which printer you are told is open).
  8. Check back in at #3dp, and we’ll let you know if it looks like the print is working.
  9. When the print is done, stop by the pickup table outside Nolop in the SEC. Take your print; feel glee.