Covid-era SOPs

We have a few new procedures that we, the staff of Nolop, need to follow. None of them are particularly surprising.

  1. Wear masks when in Nolop. This is mandated by Tufts. I assume you all have masks, but if you need more, I can get you some.
  2. Each of you has been assigned half a table in the printer area. Please use only your table; you are welcome to leave stuff on it week to week if you like.
  3. The big side of Nolop will be used as a chemistry lab. Under no circumstances should people from the chemistry lab enter the printer area. If they do, please let me know, and I will rain great justice upon their heads. The store cabinet is set up as a barrier, and the small doorway is blocked off, so it should be a pretty simple rule for them to follow.
  4. You’re welcome to drink beverages in Nolop, but please go out to the cafe tables in the atrium if you want to eat.
  5. Nolop is closed to everyone other than the current staff, me, and the chemistry students. Do not let anyone else in.
  6. If people come to the door asking for stuff that they left in Nolop, retrieve it for them, but don’t let them wander around sneezing on things.
  7. In general, as you are using 3D printers or the laser cutter, you should assume that the machines have been contaminated by one of your coworkers in the recent past. This means that you should wipe whatever parts of the machines you will be touching down with sanitizing wipes— there’s a tub I left for you— before you start touching the machines. Afterwards, wash your hands at the sink with soap (the bottle of Gojo is quite full as of this morning). (You can enter the chemistry area to do so.) Don’t intermingle eating and drinking with machine work.
  8. Please make sure the HEPA filter near the printer rack is running. The ventilation in the room is quite good (rated 3-5 ACH, I believe), but we’d like to keep excess virions out of the air anyway.