Covid-era SOPs

We have a few new procedures that everyone who enters Nolop needs to follow. None of them are particularly surprising.

Masks are no longer required, but they are encouraged. Nolop is in a relatively poorly ventilated basement, and there are members of our population for whom covid is a serious threat. As a general principle, we should skew our behavior to protect the most vulnerable among us, and wearing a mask just isn’t that hard to do.

  1. Wear masks when in Nolop. This is mandated by Tufts. I assume you all have masks, but if you need more, I can get you some.
  2. You’re welcome to possess food and drink in Nolop, but please go out to the cafe tables in the atrium, or even better, out to the patio, if you want to eat or drink.
  3. Please make sure the HEPA filter near the printer rack is running. The ventilation in the room is quite good (rated 3-5 ACH, I believe), but we’d like to keep excess virions out of the air anyway.