Training: 3D printer

This is the page where, in the future, you will find a glorious video depicting the proper usage of the Lulzbot Taz 6 3D printer in Nolop.
Until then, below is a detailed guide to operating the machine.

How to Access:
1. Open a web browser (chrome, firefox, etc.), and navigate to
2. Login with Username: NolopOcto1
3. Login with Password: 4$ecL0g1n

How to Upload Files:
Under the “Files” tab (bottom left), click “Upload”.

The printer only accepts STL files. Most CAD software, like Solidworks or Rhino, can generate STL files from a model for you. If you need more details about STL files, 3D Systems has you covered.
Note: We wipe all the uploaded files periodically. Make sure you save a copy of your STL file somewhere else.

How to arrange your models:
1. Navigate to the “Slicer” tab along the top. Select your uploaded file and click the small “slice” button underneath it. It should then appear on the platform where you can drag it around.
2. From here, you can use the 5 buttons in the upper left hand corner to rotate, scale, delete and make other modifications to the model(s).

How to slice your models:
Note: Only change settings boxed in red.
1. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and view the “General” tab of the slicer. Under “Slicing profile” choose the type of material you are going to print with.
Note: Ask a Nolop employee if you do not know what material is currently loaded or if you need to change materials.

2. Navigate to the “Basic” tab and select your preferred “Infill density” and “Support” settings.
Note: You may adjust the layer height (in purple) if you have specific quality needs. 
Otherwise, leave this setting alone!

3. Navigate to the “Advanced” tab and choose your preferred method of bed adhesion.
Note: Nolop recommends at least using a “brim” or a “raft” for your prints. Use a raft for particularly tall or flimsy objects. Only use “none” if you are sure your print will stick.

4. After you are satisfied with your settings, click the large blue button at the bottom of the page to slice your model. After it is sliced, it will appear in the “files” section on the left hand side of the page. Click the “load and print” button on your .gco file to begin printing your model.

Monitoring your print:
Your print should now have begun. To monitor it, take a look at the “state” menu in the upper left hand corner of the page.
Note: Please avoid clicking or changing any settings in the “temperature” or “control” tabs of Nolop Web 3D Printing.

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