Training: laser cutter

  • Create a file that can be imported into Adobe Illustrator for laser cutting (like a .DXF file, a .AI file, or a vector PDF)
  • Pay for material via Venmo. Materials list is available at

Basic specifications of the Nolop laser cutter

  • Bed size: 12″ x 24″
  • Laser power: 60 W
  • Can cut wood and acrylic up to a thickness of 1/4″
  • Cannot cut metal
  • Model: Universal VLS 3.60


Tutorial Videos

Laser Cutting: Cutting, Etching, Engraving

Materials in the Nolop Store

A summary of these materials:

Acrylic: comes in different sizes and colors, very commonly used

Construction-grade Plywood: comes in different sizes, cheaper wood, great for prototyping

Baltic Birch Plywood: comes in different sizes, nicer quality wood, very commonly used

Chipboard: flexible, great for testing parts

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard): sturdier than chipboard, similar to wood, but a bit more flexible, great for testing parts

This video shows the difference between cutting, engraving, and etching on the laser cutter, both in the file and on the material.