Training: miter saw

To use the miter saw (or any other tool in the Red Zone), you need to be trained in person by the lab manager, Brandon Stafford. Reading this page is a good start, but it does not grant you permission to operate the machine.

General safety procedures

The miter saw is in the Red Zone, so you should be following all of the Red Zone safety procedures in the Nolop Safety Policy. This means stuff like wearing safety glasses, non-loose clothing, and the like. Read the full policy for the details.

Safety procedures specific to the miter saw

  • Don’t clamp on both sides of the blade. Clamping on one side is a good idea, but not required.
  • Don’t mess with the blade guard.
  • Lock the sliding rails unless you need to make an extra-wide cut.
  • When making a sliding cut, slide all the way towards you with the blade up first, then lower the blade and cut away from you.
  • Don’t try to cut really short things. It’s not safe to have your fingers really close to the blade. Use a different tool instead.