Scavenger hunt

☐ A pair of safety glasses
☐ A metric tape measure
☐ Something sticky
☐ An M8 socket head cap screw with a nut
☐ A discarded 3D print
☐ A band aid
☐ A wood screw with a T25 head
☐ A driver bit that fits the T25 wood screw
☐ The most valuable thing in the lost and found
☐ A Nolop sticker
☐ A glue gun
☐ Some garnet abrasive
☐ The back door
☐ A 680 picofarad capacitor
☐ A short piece of orange wire
☐ Something that has flown 100 kilometers
☐ A scrap of wood
☐ A funny sign
☐ A rocket
☐ A printed picture of a tricycle
☐ The name of a student worker currently on duty
☐ Something you cannot identify
☐ Something that can burn your hand
☐ A scale