Nolop is run by Brandon Stafford. You may know him from his classes in the Mechanical Engineering department.

There are also approximately 20 students each year who help to run the place. In the spring of 2021, these are:

  • Libby Albanese
  • Jeff Blitt
  • Jared Jaramillo
  • Jeremy Kanovsky
  • Maya Kurzman
  • Madison Reid
  • Teddy Robbins
  • Alyssa Robichaud
  • Jake Sorscher
  • Zosia Stafford
  • Harry Steinberg
  • Maia Taffe
  • Walker Wind
  • Eric Wu

Alumni hall of fame

NameGraduatedInspiring career
Sarah Carty2019Sierra Nevada Corporation
Mark Endrizzi2019Microsoft Garage
Kevin Kim2019Deka Research
Shea Nelson2019Multisensor Scientific
Elliot Pavlovich2020Retrofitting a van for tour of US
Tahsin Can Sarlak2020IoT stuff for Itelligence
Kimmie Dao
Grace Pacelle