Tool inventory

We would buy all of these tools again, more or less. The laser cutter and 3D printers have all been used extremely heavily for years and have held up very well.

(There are some tools that we bought that haven’t held up so well, but they have been omitted from this list.)

Laser cutterUniversalVLS 3.6021000.00
Table sawSawstopICS53230-364499.00
Vertical bandsawLaguna18CX2999.00
CNC routerInventablesX-Carve 750mm1799.00
Drill pressPowermaticPM2800B1599.99
Dust collectorLagunaP-Flux 11529.10
3D printerPrusai3 MK3 kit750.00
Miter sawDewaltDW717489.99
Scroll sawDewaltDW788489.00
Air cleanerLevoitLV-PUR131179.99
Cordless drillDewaltDCD791B132.05
Soldering ironHakkoFX888D-23BY99.42
Drill/jigsaw batteryDewaltDCB20733.77