Getting hired at Nolop as a student worker

When I hire you at Nolop, if you have not worked at Tufts before, you will have to fill out 3 forms: a W-4, an I-9, and some form that asks about what bank account your wages should be deposited in. You access those forms by clicking on a link in an email that you will receive from Unfortunately, the email doesn’t mention Nolop or hiring. In fact, it looks like a phishing scam.

Here’s what the email typically looks like:

Welcome to the Tufts University Process to Create Your Online Identity

You’re receiving this email to start the process of creating your online identity at Tufts. You’ll use your Tufts online identity to access the Tufts University network, email, human resources and other Tufts systems.

To start this process, you will be asked to provide and confirm identifying information via a secure website so that your Tufts online identity may be established. If you previously had a Tufts online identity, you will be asked to update your information.

These initial steps can generally be completed in less than 10 minutes.

To begin, click here (link deleted because this is just an example). This link will expire in 30 days.