Materials in the Nolop Store

Store drawer 2 (prototyping supplies and motors)

button, arcade, for 30 mm hole$2.00
button for 7 mm hole$1.00
JST cables$1.00
limit switch$0.75
MG995 metal gear servo $4.00
metal gear DC motor$4.00
micro servo $2.00
motor driver, L289N $2.50
protoboard$0.50, any size
servo arm and horn set$0.25
shaft collar, 8 mm$1.00
stepper motor, NEMA 17 size, draws 0.4 A @ 12 V$13.00
transistor, 2N2222$0.05
USB battery pack and white micro USB cable, 5 V, 5000 mAh$7.00
USB Type-A to micro-B cables$1.00