Materials in the Nolop Store

Laser Cutter Materials (all sold in 1’x2′ sheets)

Construction Grade Plywood1/8 “$1.00
Construction Grade Plywood1/4 “$2.00
Baltic Birch Plywood1/8 “$3.00
Baltic Birch Plywood1/4 “$4.00
Clear Acrylic1/16 “$3.50
Clear Acrylic1/8 “$5.50
Clear Acrylic1/4 “$10.00
Colored Acrylic (Available in:
Orange, red, green, gray, black)
1/8 “$7.00
Colored Acrylic1/4 “$11.00
Frosted Acrylic (Clear)1/8 “$8.00
Chipboard1/16 “$0.50
Chipboard1/8 “$1.00

Things in the Nolop Store (note: this list is currently incomplete)

AAA Battery$0.25
AA Battery$0.25
Arduino Uno$10.00
Ball Bearing (22mm)$0.25
Ball Bearing (16 mm)
Stepper Motor$9.005V, 2A
Stepper Motor$12.0012V, 0.4A
Raspberry Pi 3B+$30.00
Raspberry Pi 4$35.00
Raspberry Pi Pico$4.00
USB Wall Adapter$1.50
ESP 8266
Motor, weak toy$1.0015000 rpm @ 3V
Micro Servo$2.00
Metal Gear Servo$4.00MG995
Jumper Wires (M-M, M-F, F-F)$1.00 per 20
USB – Micro-USB Cable$1.00
Alligator Clip$1.00 per 3
Micro-SD Card$7.50
PCA9685 Servo Driver$4.00
JST Cable
22 ga aluminum sheet, 12″ x 24″ (not for laser!)$8.00
Protoboard$0.50, any size
6-DOF IMU$2.00
Raspberry Pi Power Supply (for 3/3B+)$10.00
Raspberry Pi Power Supply (for 4)$7.00
AAA Battery Holder$1.00
Raspberry Pi Camera
Super Glue$3.00
Dowel, 1/4″ diameter, 24″ length$0.25
Dowel, 3/8″ diameter, 24″ length$0.50
Dowel, 1/2″ diameter, 24″ length$1.00
HDMI Cable$1.00
USB – USB-A Cable$1.50
NPN transistor, 2N2222 or 2N3904$0.05
L289N motor driver$2.50
Beaglebone Black$10.00
Arduino Nano V3 breakout board$3.00
LM393 light sensor$1.00
HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor$1.50
Brass standoffs
Magnets, 3 x 6 mm$1.00 for 10
Magnets, thin x 32 mm$1.00