Is Nolop open in the summer of 2020?

It is extremely unlikely that Nolop will be open in the summer of 2020. A plan for the fall will be developed once the university announces its plan for the fall.

My best guess (as of early summer) is that Nolop will be closed for general use in the fall, but we may be able to offer some kind of 3D printing and/or lasercutting services that can be performed in isolation.

In the meantime, if you’re desperate for parts, you could try Shapeways for 3D printing, Big Blue Saw for laser and waterjet cutting, and Xometry for machined parts.

If you’re desperate for community and you have a Tufts email address, come join the Nolop Slack channel, where Brandon and a bunch of the Nolop zealots are yapping about 3D printers, Arduinos and whatnot.

And take heart, mateys! Time will pass, we will recover, and we will go back to welcoming people to our lovely makerspace.