Nolop in the fall of 2021

Nolop will definitely open by Tuesday, September 7th, 2021. Everyone is welcome to use the space provided you are masked. Right now, we don’t anticipate any occupancy limits, though that might change.

(We may open before September 7th if staff are available; watch the Nolop Slack for details.)

Beyond masking, the only change to our policies is that we ask that you eat and drink elsewhere (like out on the charming patio, with its stylish red chairs). You’re welcome to possess food or drink while in Nolop, but masking is what is going to keep us healthy, so we’re strict about it.

For those of you who were new to Nolop last year, you will need to adjust to one other change, which is that the Nolop staff will no longer be accepting fabrication requests through Slack. We will make exceptions for people who have to quarantine, but, in general, we are returning to our old model, in which you all operate the machines yourself. This is because we are a school, and we want you to learn how to make stuff yourself. The staff are happy to help you learn how to use everything; that’s actually what I pay them for.

If you are too busy to make stuff yourself, you could try Shapeways for 3D printing, Big Blue Saw for laser and waterjet cutting, and Xometry for machined parts.

Welcome back to Nolop, everyone. I am thrilled to see what you will create.